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A little about me . . .

I'm Vanessa, a girl from Monaghan who takes photos of the best days in life. I am married to a furniture making /selling handsome dude called; Paul (he is going to be delighted with that title), and I am the proud mammy to four gorgeous kiddos. Donnacha, Saorlaith, Fiadh and Caoilte. As you can see, we have a thing for Irish names in our family :). Sadly our little Saorlaith passed away shortly after birth but I can't write a bio paragraph about myself and not mention all of the beautiful children that we have been blessed with.



I have been taking photographs professionally for 8 years, and boy have I changed in those 8 years! I have become a mammy, learned (and currently learning) how to navigate the path of grief, we have built our home and all the while I have poured my everything into fine tuning my photography. Taking photographs is second nature to me. I think in through imagery, I communicate with my nearest and dearest through imagery and I even dream in photographs. Taking photographs of couples and families is what I'm meant to do. It's my thing and I love it!

Favourite book


I am Pilgrim

Favourite colour


Purple. . . of course

Favourite food


anything from m & s

Best day


in the sun with the fam

I do love instagram . . .

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The very best of days . . .

!Weddings are amazing

Weddings are hectic

They are beautiful





Weddings are the best!


These are the days . . .

Life is short

Life is beautiful

Life if busy and hectic

Life needs to be captured

Babies don't keep

Kids don't stay small

Families aren't always close b


Capture these days. . . because they matter.


These are the days!

Photography by Vanessa

weddings + portraits