Aisling & John travelled home from Australia to celebrate their wedding with family & friends.  I hope they renew their vows every year, and they take the Australian summer back home with them again.  Their wedding day was possibly the nicest day we had all summer . . . in fact I think their wedding day, WAS our summer!

There were lots of laughter & tears in the Mc Carron household on the morning of the wedding.  Aisling was such a stunning bride . . . she drove all her family to tears.  Now . . . I mean tears in the best possible sense . . . of course!!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, when Aisling emerged in her wedding dress.  She was absolutely gorgeous!  I know the Mc Carron girls from our days spent in Corracrin National school . . . and they have a great sense of humour.  Honestly, I was giggling the whole day long!  Usually on a wedding day, the bride & the bridesmaids are a little coy and waiting on the groomsmen to crack the jokes . . . not these ladies.  These ladies were laughing all day long . . . and I hope well into the nighttime celebrations too.

Aisling & John make a lovely couple, who obviously think the world of each other.  I wish them both a lifetime of happiness . . . and hoping they will come back soon the Emerald Isle . . . oh and bring some rays back with you too.  Thanks!

Enjoy x

Tick  . . . tock . . . . look at the clock!

See . . . there she goes again.  Sending everybody diving for the Kleenex!

I spy . . .


Pics are gorgeous aisling & John! X

amazing photos vanessa bride n all bridal party were lovely.

photos r amazing yas all look gorgeous:)

Absolutely fab. Gr8 job Vanessa. Fron start to finish, stunning..

Photos r fab Aisling so beautiful! Amazin work Vanessa

Stunning Photos xx.

those photos are amazing vanessa!!

Fantastic pictures Vanessa! Captured a brilliant day in a lovely way.

Yea doin the best, she’s getn big! Jus planning her first wee hols at Xmas mayb to Thailand or somewhere. Howz married life treating ya’s x

Thanks Ciara hope u and Chloe r keeping well x