People from Clones often say that, Clones is the centre of the universe . . . and on Aoife & Arthur’s wedding day, that might have been the case!  🙂 If not the centre of the universe, it was certainly a top runner for the centre of Ireland.  Guests travelled from all corners of the country, North and South, to celebrate this union in the town of Clones followed by a reception held in the beautiful Lough Erne Resort Hotel.  The morning started off slowly with the guys laughing and joking whilst sipping tea in the Creighton hotel in Clones.  The ladies were equally as chilled as the very talented; Lynn from “I do Makeup”, painted their faces.  Johnny was there . . . front and centre.  Who is Johnny you might ask?  Well . . . there is a good story behind this, but the synopsis is; Aoife is a Eurovision fan and Johnny Logan (the cardboard cutout) was an important part of the wedding celebrations.  You can’t beat the Eurovision!

Following a very relaxed “I Do’s”, the wedding party tipped across the border to the Lough Erne Resort Hotel.  Aoife & Arthur were the best sports during their portrait photos as it was coooooooold.  Like, really really cold!  They are the kindest couple and it’s clear for anyone to see that they think the world of each other.  They have a relaxed manner in how they are together and that translates beautifully to photographs. We got some really touching photos of them, hanging out in the bluebells of the fermanagh woodlands and walking along the beautiful lakeland.

This bridal party were so much fun!  I had sore cheeks from laughing all day long, as I listened to the banter between them all.  A group of sisters in a house have a special bond, and that special bond is one of the best things to photograph at a wedding.  They know each other thinking . . . they only have to throw a wink or nod in a particular way and they are all in stitches.  Laughter is infectious as we all know, so when the Cassidy ladies start laughing . . . everybody starts laughing!  So much fun!

Aoife & Arthur were a total dream to work with and they are the most patient of couples!  Thank you so so much for allowing me the pleasure to photograph your very special day.  Come this way to see some snaps of; laughing ladies . . . guests enjoying themselves in the grand old town of Clones . . . some sunset photos to melt your heart . . . and the cutest little pageboys hanging out in the sun.  Enjoy these photo highlights of the very best day x

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