I have so many beautiful photographs from Catriona & Damien’s wedding day . . . I could have created 3 blog posts!!!  There were so many beautiful details to this day, that my hard drives were heaving at the seams when I downloaded the images.  I’m going out on a limb here . . . but I think that Catriona put so much work into the planning of this special day.  Maybe Damien was a hands on groom . . . and has wedding Pinterest boards to beat the band, but I’m taking a wild guess that Catriona had a lot to do with the special little details that made this wedding day a feast for the eyes  🙂

My inner magpie loves a bit of sparkle, and Catriona’s dress had plenty of sparkle.  It was stunning! Wait until you see the style of this Emyale lady on her wedding day.  When you have the combination of; Jimmy choo, Tiffanys and Jo Malone, you are going to feel special, and Catriona looked especially stunning!

Damien and Cationa are a very laid back couple and they were an absolute  pleasure to work with.  They were so happy on their wedding day and that happiness is the best thing in the world to photograph.  You can photoshop skies, and take out imperfections in photos . . . but you can absolutely not photoshop happiness into photographs.  Luckily for me, I had so many happy faces to photograph.  Cabra Castle provided the very elegant backdrop for their wedding day, which was full of laughter and fun.  Come and see some photo highlights from this Monaghan and Derry wedding day.  It was a gorgeous wedding . . . what until you see . . . x