Cheryl & Pat’s wedding day was a gorgeous event, where family and friends travelled from near and far to celebrate this union of; this Monaghan girl and this Mayo boy. The weather threw at least three seasons at us on the day, but by the time we arrived at the stunning surrounds of Darver Castle, the sun was splitting the trees and everyone was ready to party!   Although . . . I think everyone was ready to party from the sun dawned on this wedding day. These families had the best day!  The Treanor household was a hive of activity on the morning of the wedding with laughter bouncing off every wall. These ladies are serious fun!!! Cheryl’s mum gets a special mention for just being . . . so amazingly happy and full of joy!  I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole day of this wedding with everybody cracking jokes, singing, dancing and hugging each other.  Weddings can be stressful days, but not Cheryl & Pat’s wedding . . . everyone was smiling from ear to ear all day long.  I have the photos to prove it!!!

Cheryl looked drop dead gorgeous in her beautiful dress and Pat looked mighty fine too 🙂  They are the cutest couple together and obviously think the world of each other.  They were a pleasure to work with and anything I suggested on the day, was met with “sure . . . why not.  Lets do it!”  You can’t get better than that!

Their wedding day was full of the most gorgeous little details.  There wasn’t a spare table in Darver Castle that didn’t have a little personal touch relating to their family or to celebrate their union.  On top of that, this couple also know how to gift!! Like . . . the best gifts!!! Usually it’s the bride and groom who are getting the gifts, but Cheryl dished out the most thoughtful gifts to her maids . . . and Pat, well he gets a gold medal.  Cheryl really enjoys photography and he bought her a swnaky danky camera as a surprise gift on the wedding morning. How thoughtful?  She also got an alarm clock, to keep us on time for the wedding ceremony.  Cough, cough . . . the batteries didn’t work 😉  Beautifying and prepping takes time, although these ladies don’t need much work.  They all looked fab!

I hope you enjoy having a little peep at the photo highlights from this beautiful day that was full of very happy people.  Anytime I turned my camera around, I could see people laughing out loud or giving each other the tightest of hugs.  This was a great day!  Come and see xx

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