Ciara & Daniel’s wedding took place in the presence of family and friends in the hills of North Monaghan.  Their wedding ceremony took place in Carrickroe and their reception took place in a beautiful marquee at the Connolly home.  There was great excitement about this wedding from both families.  I know I’ve talked about nervous excitement at weddings before, but when you are having your wedding reception at home . . . that is a whole new level of nervous excitement!  There are so many unknowns but that is soooooo exciting and the organisation around this wedding was second to none.  Ciara and Daniel’s wedding was stunning from start to finish, and I was the lucky duck who got to capture some photographs to prove it 😉

June can be a funny month for weather.  When you think of June exam time . .  you think of sweltering heat when sitting in exams halls.  This wedding day did have the crazy sunshine but it also had some crazy showers.  We managed to get caught in the mother of all cloud bursts during our photos at Emy lake.  I’m talking . . . “hmmm, is that a spit of rain I’m feeling . . . . to . . . holy St. Joseph . . . run for your lives!!!!”  I know I said it at the time, but “you will laugh about this in a few days time”.  I hope they are laughing about it now.  I know it made for some really good photos that Ciara & Daniel will have to show off in years to come.  A special mention has to go to some amazing groomsmen.  The best brides-man award goes to Darren Todd for shedding his coat instantly and covering Ciara from the shower, and as a result getting complexity drenched head to toe! 😉

Ciara looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day.  The dress . . . . THE dress!!  Wait until you see this dress!  Everything about this wedding was styled to perfection.  The fashion . . . the flowers . . . even the rose gold glittery table clothes were a show stopper.  I could do a whole blog post with photos of the gorgeous details, but there is no better photos than those where people are having fun on such an important day.  Wedding days are hectic, they are busy but they can be really really fun.  This wedding day was most definitely F U N!

Come and see x