The wedding of Denise & Martin has resulted in a mammoth blog post.  I’ve tried very hard to cut the number of images down to a “sensible” number, but alas, I failed.  The result is this fullsome blog post.  There were just too many images where I thought; . . .  “oh!I bet they would love to see that image” . . . and “oh! I couldn’t leave that out”!

Denise & Martin both come from the same Parish; “Truagh” in Co. Monaghan.  As a result, their wedding had a wonderful, warm & relaxed atmosphere.  It was like a huge gathering of old friends, eager to get the craic underway, with everybody so happy for the newlyweds.  In the church, I could see guests “himming and haaaaaing” over “Which side of the church do we sit on?   Sure, we know both of them!”

On the morning of the wedding, the preparations in the Treanor household, was a fairly relaxed affair.  People were scurrying about, with busy hands and nervous smiles. I love the nervous excitement that is brewing in a bride’s house on the morning of a wedding.  The bridesmaids had created a wedding tape for Denise (personalised Cd really, but you know what I mean) with”Going to the chapel” on repeat.  How would that not put everybody in a good mood?  Denise was a completely stunning bride!  As I mentioned in her engagement post, I don’t think this lady can take a bad picture.  I have a hard drive full of images that testify to that fact!

There were so many gorgeous details that are worthy of mention on this day; the ice cream van, the stretch beetle & camper van, the fabulous spread of snacks laid on by Martin’s family for after the mass, the style (of course!)  . . . but the thing that struck me most on this day, was the atmosphere.  From early morning, I could tell this was going to be an easy wedding to photograph, and I was right.  From the gentle hush that came over the guests in the church, to the boisterous laughter that erupted during the speeches, I was able to capture lots of candid shots of people, thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Those aren’t the sort of picture that you can plan.  You can’t plan, happiness 🙂

After looking through the images, I think you will agree that Denise & Martin make a gorgeous couple, and I wish them every health & happiness in their married life together.

Enjoy x

Granny, giving Martin the old . . . “look after my Denise” chat.  Brilliant!

I love this photo . . . little – old men, having tea and scones 🙂

Best entrance yet!!

Pa Pa Pa Pa . . .Paparazzi!

Love this . . . “Ip, Dip” . . . . . . you know how it goes 🙂

Sensible . . . . .

 . . . not so sensible . . . . 🙂

Mr & Mrs Mc Kenna

I told you it was a fulsome blog post!  I hope you enjoyed it, and it was worth the wait! x


absolutely amazing – can we go back and replay the day? xx

Fabulous pictures Denise & Martin – stunning xx.

Bronagh Bronagh Brónagh

stunning photos denise, absolutely beautiful!

Stunning pictures!

Just loved every photo! stunning

love them….cant wait to see the album