Well . . .  I did it!!  Hurrah!! I blogged Edwina and Johnathan’s wedding.  This is a very good thing!  This wedding day was special for a bazillion reasons.  This was a special day for so many people, not least the family of Edwina and Johnathan.  For me, (I’m sorry . . . I don’t mean to make these post all about me), this day was so special because I was photographing my next door neighbour’s wedding.  If you can call  . . . across the field . . . as my next door neighbour.  Edwina is a special girl.  She will die when she reads this . . . but anyhow . . . I’ll continue typing.  Edwina is just lovely.  Sometimes I try and think of a descriptive word that has a tonne of special meanings . . . but you know what . . . Edwina is just lovely.  She is a gentle soul, who always has a shy smile on her face and a big hug for you.  I have so many fond memories of growing up beside the Douglas girls.  One of my earliest memories of the Douglas girls, is them dancing around their kitchen to; Right said Fred’s . . . I’m too sexy for my shirt.  I don’t know why this is such a striking memory, but I have the image of theses wee lassies, jumping around their kitchen in their pigtails and assortment of pink clothes, whilst reciting every single word of this song.  I was in awe!!!  I probably still am a little 🙂

This blog post is not a love note to the Douglas ladies, but I wanted to share my little memories of this Cornacrieve house, before telling the story of Edwina and Johnathan’s big day.  I was so exited when they asked me to photograph their wedding.  I’ve gotten to know Johnathan through Edwina, and he is a gentleman.  It’s clear that they both think the world of each other.  I got to see a glimpse of that during their pre-wedding shoot, but they only had eyes for each other on their wedding day.  I think I captured some really tender moments between them.  The beautiful surroundings of Castle Leslie was a fantastic backdrop for this very special day.  I’m not going to ramble on about all the beautiful details from the day . . . about the amazing props that Cait and many others help create . . . about how blinking cute Harriet was . . . about how much fun the bridal party was to photograph . . . I’m not going to write about all of that.  I’m going to let the photographs do the talking.  I mentioned that this wedding was so special to me.  There I go again . . . me, me me. but this is important.  This was my first wedding to photograph since loosing our little Saorlaith, and I was a little nervous.  I think my Saorlaith helped me.  I think she was guiding me through it all.  I’m sure she was 🙂

Go have a peak . . . x
















Congrats Jonathan and Ediwina on your wedding day. All the best in the future

Just fabulous Vanessa Treanor..LOVED looking at them all…pack of beauties!

Just fabulous u captured everything so lovely, oh Vanessa on ur blog u mentioned the girls dancing around the kitchen “the spice girls” was also a classic lol have a happy and peaceful life together u 2 wee love birds xoxoxox

Absolutely Amazing!