Ella recently made her First Holy Communion, and I was on hand to take a few shots of Ella and her family, after she returned from the Church.  We had great fun during the shoot, and little sis Lily was on hand to help me with my lenses.  Ella looked gorgeous in her elegant dress with simple curls in her hair.  Cute as a button . . . I think you’ll agree!

Some of the little details of Ella’s gorgeous dress.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Love the heart patterned socks!

Ella . . . taking her dress for a spin

Lily was also on hand for an impromptu dress twirl!

Looks good enough to eat . . . and it being her special day, Ella couldn’t resist having a little taste.  Yum!

Now isn’t that a chic shot from a First Holy Communion?