This is the second time that I have been to photograph little Evan, and if it’s even possible . . . he is even cuter today.  When I met this little man first, he was a little precious bundle that was only a few days old.  He is now flying about, taking the Mc Garry house by storm.  Following this little man around was like a mini workout . . . he is all go go go.  Evan handles his walker like a pro around Mondello racetrack.  He was navigating corners and building up speed on his “straight stretch” that Jenson Button would be proud of.  Are you impressed at my knowledge of motor racing?? . . .  amazing the info that seeps into this brain of mine.

We had some outfits changes with Evan, where he got to model his Monaghan GAA top and his Man Utd top.  I’ve a feeling this little dude will be running around playing football with his big brothers in no time at all . . . thats if he isn’t already!  I hope you enjoy the images x