I have written this blog post a bazillion times in my head and yet every single time I sit down to the computer . . . I can’t do it. It’s like trying to answer your very first question on the English leaving cert paper and your hand freezes because your realise that this is really really important. It’s just like that!  This blog post is really really important.  This blog post is where I introduce you to our daughter; Fiadh Treanor, and tell you a little about our  little poppet.  My daughter.  There.  I wrote it.  I’m going to do it again.  Just Cause.  My daughter!  That feels totally amazing to write 🙂

As most of you will know Fiadh is our third child and our second Daughter.  She has an energetic, curious and very affectionate three year old brother; Donnacha, and she has an older sister; Saorlaith.  Saorlaith passed away shortly after her birth 20 months ago.  I’ve written about Saorlaith and how we loved her and I’m so grateful that we were lucky to welcome another little girl into our home and to show her off a little here too.

Fiadh Treanor entered the world 11 days earlier than expected, and I’m so grateful for that.  She spared me the extra time worrying and praying that we would be able to take our little baby home with us.  My wee girl is just lovely!!  She has brought so much happiness into our home and is helping heal our hearts little by little.  I’m not sure if you can physically feel your heart heal . . . but I swear that I have.  It’s not that we have forgotten Saorlaith or don’t still mourn her loss.  We do.  We miss her dearly and the place that she would have played in our family.  We think about her all the time, and both of our children will always know about their baby sister.  I am in no doubt that her strength and energy helped us through the last year and I’ve no doubt that she is helping us now.  I’ve seen the butterflies . . . so I absolutely know that she is with me every single day.  I believe she is helping me answer the normal everyday questions of; “is she your first”, or “how many do you have at home?” Questions that  I would have seriously struggled to answer this time last year.  I look at Fiadh and I feel that she also has her sister’s spirit with her.  She has of course her own little personality and I’m looking forward to seeing the person that she will become.

Fiadh . . . well this little poppet is so much fun.  The way she shrugs her shoulders and buries her head down when she smiles is enough to make your heart skip a few beats.  If you think I’m smitten, you should see her Daddy with her!!!  I am getting lots and lots of cuddles.  Plenty in the middle of the night . . . of course. . . but I don’t mind.  I am drinking in every single minute with her and I am loving it.  Having a girl is so strange!  I never ever thought I’d have a girl.  I just always thought I’d have boys, and boys are amazing but I tell you . . . dressing girls is serious craic!!  It’s seriously “expensive” craic . . . but sooooo much fun!  Poor Fiadh has a lifetime ahead of her with a mammy who will have pinterest boards dedicated to; little girls hairstyles, funky boots for little girls, how to dress your 3 month old to match your outfit . . . joke . . . well kinda 😉

Donnacha is so good with his baby sister.  He is affectionate and always enquiring where she is.  He knows that she is part of our family now and he loves her.  I think he knows that he gets extra hugs and better treats when he declares statements such as; “Mammy . . . you know what?? I love my baby sister.  Do you love my baby sister too?”  The little charmer knows the way to this mammy’s heart . . . and also how to get another viewing of Ice Age on the tele!  He also talks about Baby Saorlaith frequently and has recently taken to explaining to me that Baby Saorlaith lives up beside the stars . . . just past the moon.  These conversations usually happen when in the car when he is daydreaming and looking out at the sky.  My heart simultaneously breaks and soars with his innocent ramblings.  I’m so happy to hear Saorlaith’s name spoken out loud and I know that Donnacha will always remember her.  He is all delighted with Fiadh and when somebody new comes to visit, he welcomes them with … “This is my baby sister …  Feeeee-a.  See.  Look!  Here she is! Ta daaaa” 🙂

I did it!  I wrote a blog post about Fiadh Treanor.  Fiadh is an old Irish word / name that means “wild deer”.  Ha!  Here’s hoping that the teenage Fiadh doesn’t live up to her name’s meaning.  Fiadh Treanor . . . I just love saying her name.  My daughter . . . sorry . . . I had to say that just one more time.  I’m so so happy to have her here with us!

Thanks for taking the time to read my gushing blog post. We took a few photos since Fiadh’s arrival but I’ve tried not to stress myself out and use my big camera every day.   I’m concentrating on living in the moment, forgetting about the “I should be’s ….” and appreciate this time I have with my children, because I’m so eternally grateful to have them.

Here is a little selection of our photos xxx









Just beautiful xxx

SO beautiful V x

Beautiful words & photos Vanessa. Understand fun & expensive of dressing baby girls!!