I have been delivering a digital photography class in the Blackwater Valley Learning Centre, over a number of weeks.  Last Saturday, saw us heading out on our second photography field trip.  The date of the field trip excursions didn’t suit everybody, but a good selection from the two classes made the two field trips.  The group consists of people who have a keen interest in photography and who would like to know a little more.  I know when delivering training, that there is no use in the training, unless  there is a practical element involved.  I scheduled two field trip outings, where we photographed areas of interest around the Blackwater Valley.  The purpose of the field trip, is to give the participants an opportunity to try out some of the techniques that they have learnt over the weeks; rules of composition, lighting and manual controls on the camera.

To vary things up a little (& why not), I planned a morning photography field trip and an afternoon field trip.  That way, we would get to experiment with the light at different times of the day.  Our itinerary for the second field trip was ; Errigal Church & graveyard (it’s really realllllllly old . . . in case you thought we were just taking pics of random graveyards), Derrygorry forest, St. Patrick’s chair & well and finally Lough More in Bragan.  With glucose sweets on board, and bucketloads of enthusiasm, we headed on our merry way.

A few snaps from the day . . .

I didn’t stalk the participants all day . . .  I took a few pics of my own.

The group trying to capture some “lead in lines”.

Do you think they are having fun?? 🙂