Graeme and Caroline got married in July, and I was lucky enough to get to tag along all day and take some photos for them.  This couple travelled home from New Zealand to get married in the company of family and friends.  After their wedding day, It’s clear to see why they came home to get married.  Family is very important to Graeme and Caroline.  Before the wedding there was talk of photos with cousins, and aunties and family groups.  I love when this happens.  Family is so important and I know that I cherish my wedding day photos with aunties and uncles and cousins.  On the morning of the wedding, the Prunty household was busy.  Very busy!  Caroline’s three brothers all had jobs and were right in the middle of the preparations.  Sometimes on the mornings of weddings, brothers scatter . . . run for the hills, but this was not the case in the Prunty home.  There were brothers; washing cars, videoing the goings on and making tea.  Caroline’s Daddy was right in the middle of the shenanigans also.  He oversaw a lot of the wedding dress ceremonies.  Moving it around the house, supervising the final dress fixing, and declaring at the very end; “Here boys.  Come and see this.  This is some size of a dress!”.  God love men, I’m sure they think us women are totally cracked when it comes to weddings!  Luckily Caroline’s Mum was there as a constant calming influence on the whole proceedings.

Graeme and Caroline were a delight to photograph.  They are so happy together.  Like really really reaaaaally happy together.  You know that king of happiness that makes everybody else smile too.  I think I was grinning like a crazy fool most of the day, as I had them in my viewfinder and I could see just how happy they are together.  I had a very easy job photographing their special day for them.  They smiled all day long, and were up for any suggestions that I threw their way.  Even better . . . they had some ideas of their own.  I love when couples have ideas for their photos.  It helps keep me on my toes 🙂

I hope you both keep those smiles bright and that the happiness you both felt on your wedding day, will be with you for forever more.

Go have a little peak.  You might need to get a cup or tea / coffee / glass of something.  This is a long one.  Sorry 😉 x











Beautiful (and some hilarious!) pictures!! Caroline and Graeme, you look the picture of happiness! Congrats!

Beautiful (and some hilarious!) pictures!! Caroline and Graeme, you look the picture of happiness! Congrats!