Lisa & Adrian’s wedding day was a fun filled affair.  Wedding mornings are always an exciting affair and the Mc Kenna household was no exception.  From early morning, the wedding ritual kicked into full swing.  Flowers were being pinned to male family members lapels, lashings of lipstick applied and the odd glass of bubbly passed around.  The funny thing about champagne on wedding days is that, a full glass rarely gets drunk.  None the less, it’s very exciting to get that cork popped and pass the golden bubbly goodness around.  Lisa was a stunning bride.  She is one of those lucky girls that have a bone structure that the rest of us try to fake by using a combination of; bronzer, highlighter & odd shaped brushes.   How many of us have typed; “how to contour my face” into google?  No googling needed for this lady . . .  she was perfect.  The hair, dress, shoes . . . . it was all put together like a Rachel Zoe masterpiece.

A special mention has to go to the fab bridal party on this wedding day.  We were blessed with some “Irish Summer weather” for our location photographs (i.e. driving wind & rain), but that didn’t dampen the spirits of this bridal party.  Everybody was up for anything that I suggested, and trusted me when I promised that; “this image will be gorgeous”.  Thanks so much!  Having said that, I think there could have been a hurricane spinning through Hollywood lake, and Adrian & Lisa wouldn’t have noticed.  They were so happy.   I love photographing happy people . . . and Lisa & Adrian obviously make each other happy.  Sometimes we try to think of big words to explain the most simplest but most important of emotions.  I don’t think you can go wrong with; happy.  What a great word!  It’s a good day, when we can say . . . yip, I’m happy.  It’s days like this that make me sooooo happy to take photographs on people’s wedding day.  I hope you enjoy the visual feast!

Oh, and see if you can spot the sporting hero . . .

Have you spotted the All Ireland winning Goalie yet??

Wearing the county colours with pride 🙂

A little sneak peak into the behind the scenes weather . . . . talk about troopers.  Fab bridesmaids 🙂

Making glamourous looking O-so-easy Mrs Durcan

Look at these pretty boys.  

A few days old and already at his first wedding.  How amazing does this new mama look . . . ye Donegal girls have set the bar very high!

Ready for dinner . . .  bon appetite!

Happy???? 🙂