Lisa Hughes is a fellow Emyale native.  In fact I can see Lisa’s house from my old bedroom window in my parent’s house.  Lisa’s parent’s house is on the top of a hill.  On the top of Tully hill.  The hill which was my nemesis whenever I took the notion of going for walks and getting fit.  On a blustery August morning this summer, I was delighted to be driving up Tully lane, because I was invited into the Hughes home to photograph Lisa & Mike’s wedding.  Photographing weddings has brought me on some very interesting journeys where I have met new people from far and wide.  Which is wonderful.  Don’t they say variety is the spice of life?  But, there is something very special and exciting when you are invited into a neighbour’s home to photograph their wedding day.  You ebb and flow with the rhythm of their most special day whilst all the time surrounded with familiar happy faces.  You get to document this union so that in generations to come, people will see the beauty of this wedding day.  And it was beautiful!  It was mostly hilarious though.  Like, laugh out loud.  Pain in your cheeks.  Hilarious!  Lisa Hughes is one of the happiest people I have ever met.  Like really!  I think I said to Lisa once during the day “don’t worry about smiling for these few photos” . . . and I quickly changed my mind, and told her to just be herself.  Lisa is always smiling!  If you think Lisa is happy . . . wait until you meet Mike.  This couple must have had seriously sore faces the day after their wedding.  Not because of my photography demands, but because they were so happy all day long.  They clearly think the world of each other.  They are so utterly happy together!  Photographing happiness is super easy.  Photographing this multicultural, colourful celebration was super easy.  Cabra Castle is a beautiful venue that just begs to be photographed until nightfall.  And that I did!

I bet you’ll have sore cheeks by the end of this blog post, from smiling back at these happy faces.  I think I’m getting worse at editing down my blog posts, but I can’t help it.  There are just too many photos where I’m thinking  . . .”Ooooooh, Lisa & Mike will love that” . . . or . . . “the mammies and aunties will die when they see this”.   So . . . exercise your jaw . . . prepare for the smiling.  Off you go x








Patricia Mckenna Feely

Lovely photos x

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Beautiful photos

Beautiful photos

Maureen Cooper McElroy

Absolutely wonderful!!!

These are amazing photos. It is bitter sweet looking at them while in Australia and family and memories of such a wonderful day are back in Ireland. Many thanks, Chris and Pearse