Mary & Matt’s wedding day kicked off with the Mohan house being full of laughter.  Mary and her sisters were  laughing all morning long when getting their faces painted and their frocks on.  You can’t beat a troupe of sisters who are beyond excited that one of them are getting married today.  There are playlists created . . . champagne is flowing and everyone there to help with the proceedings is asked; “would you like a cup of coffee” . . . at least 14 times.  These Mohan girls are the best!!  Not only had they everything running smoothly on the morning of the wedding, they spent the week running up to the wedding power hosing the street and getting everything ship shape outside. Girl power  . . . how are you!

Mary & Matt are a super sweet couple and I loved photographing them interacting with each other and with their friends on their special day.  At the chapel door, there were some the polite handshakes of congratulations , but there were so many amazing interactions of pure unadulterated joy.  I counted at least 4 ladies that threw out their arms, screamed aloud in delight and took a run in for a humungous hug to congratulate the happy couple. They were just so happy for them, a simple handshake didn’t cut it!   I’m going to say it again . . . the best!

For the portrait photos, we went back to the Mohan home.  Mary and Matt are so lovely together and photographing them with their bridal party was the best fun.  There is something so special when you can photograph a wedding in the surrounds of the family home.  Following some time outside, everyone piled into the Mohan living room to have a proper sit down chat.  It only lasted 10/15 mins, but how amazing to sit down in your home and have a little catch up with your nearest and dearest on your wedding day before heading off for the reception meal.  Once into the Four Seasons hotel, Mary & Matt got the chance to hang out with their guests.  There were photo props on every table and that had everyone in great form.  It’s was so much fun to photograph the guests enjoying playing around with the props.  You know it’s going to be a great wedding celebration, when the bride, politely  asks a table of friends; “can we get a quick photo” . . . and they all jump straight up and come running for the photo, fake moustaches and cardboard lips in tow.  I’ll say it one last time . . . the absolute best!

Here are some photo highlights of the very “best day . . . Mary & Matt’s wedding day x


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