Michelle & Colm got married on a beautiful summer’s day in the county of Cavan. This wedding day was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable affairs that I have ever witnessed. Michelle and Colm are a super chilled out couple, and they made my job unbelievably easy. From early morning, I could tell that this was going to be a fab wedding! The beautification process was well under way in the Maguire household when I rocked up with my camera. This is the second time I got to hang out in the Maguire home on a wedding morning. I was lucky enough to photograph Suzannes & John’s wedding a few years ago, so when Michelle contacted me to enquire about her wedding . . . I was like; yes, yes yes please!!! That will be a FAB wedding!

Michelle’s mum had her house looking pristine on the wedding morning. I mean . . . Pinterest ready. I could have photographed all the little bits and pieces from the wedding in any corner of the house and it would have been beautiful. I’m just sad that the two beautiful Maguire ladies are now married and I won’t get the chance to photograph more Jimmy Choos in the Maguire home 😉 All of this meant that the Maguire household was super chilled out on the wedding morning. Lynn and Kim worked their magic with curling irons and powder brushes . . . and before we knew it . . . we were ready for kick off. Michelle’s dress . . . it was unbelievably beautiful!!! It had pockets (amazing). She had pale pink Jimmy Choos (outstanding) and a beaded overlay cape (stunning)! Style goals right here!

After the wedding ceremony in Cootehill, we skipped over the hills of Cavan for the wedding reception in the gorgeous surrounds of; Cabra Castle. We were so lucky with the weather and as a photographer I was doing a happy dance for the golden sunset photographs. This wedding was such a fab day for many reasons; the speeches were hilarious, Michelle & Colm are so cute together, the style was outrageous . . . and the gorgeous children at the wedding. As a mother, I am always conscious to take photographs of children at weddings, as I know that time passes so quickly and families don’t get the chance to get professional photographs taken of their children. I’m also conscious that it’s always a great day when your child is dressed up . . . no chocolate is near any clothes and they haven’t yet got passed a bottle of coke from a bold uncle 🙂 Get the camera out and take the photos . . . . quick! The children at this wedding were the cutest children going!!! I’m not joking. I’m talking boden catalogue . . . beautiful! 🙂

I’ve been rambling away here, but I know that you are dying to see the pictorial evidence of this stylish affair. Thank you so much to Michelle & Colm for the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family affair.


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