Wedding days are usually a hotbed of excitement and emotions and Mikki & Ashley’s wedding was exciting and emotional . . . but it was different.  Different in the very best way.  Their wedding day had a sense of calmness to it that is hard to explain.  It was beautiful.  It was calm.  It was full of love and happiness.  Mikki & Ashley made quite the handsome couple.  Mikki looked gorgeous in her elegant gown, whist all the while looking after her 9 month old little son.  Feeding him . . . loving him . . . settling him.  This multi-tasking mama is an inspiration for mamas everywhere.

Mikki & Ashley were so happy to celebrate their union in front of their family and friends and happiness is one of the easiest things in the world to photograph.  I have so many photographs of people smiling, laughing and enjoying the day.  Luckily Mikki managed to book her wedding day for one of the best days this year.  We had clear blue skies and some sun.  Can you believe it!  When I say happiness is easy to photograph . . . photographing happy babies is even better!!  As luck would have it, Mikki & Ashley have one such happy baby.  His name is Aran, and he played a very special role in the wedding day of his parents.  This little man was in the middle of all the celebrations and it didn’t take a flinch out of him.  Sitting on his mama’s lap whilst her makeup was being done . . . no problem.  Sitting at the table whilst the register was being signed . . . not a bother.  Being bounced in his Daddy’s arms as he is making his wedding day speech about his wonderful mama  . . . the best thing ever!!!

This wedding day was so special.  Mikki & Ashley are one of the most genuine couples and I wish them and their little family a very happy future together.

Come see all the happiness I’ve been talking about  . . . x