Niamh & Oisín’ s wedding day was a beautiful family centred day held in the gorgeous surrounds of Cabra Castle. When Niamh first contacted me about photographing their wedding, I squealed with excitement. Too much information? Maybe 🙂 . . . but I was so so excited at the prospect of photographing Niamh Kavanagh’s wedding to her soon to be husband; Oisín.

I’ve known Niamh since she was a teeny tiny girl. Her beautiful sister; Riona, is a friend and Irish dancing partner as is her brother; Donal. When we were in primary school, I remember when Riona Kavangh came into school and told us she had a baby sister and she was called; Niamh. I remember the excitement! We all thought Riona was the luckiest girl ever to have a baby sister to look after :). Over the years, I remember Niamh hanging out at dancing competitions and fleadhs and I thought she was the cutest little girl. Blond pigtails and a little smile 🙂 Ok Ok . . . way too much information . . . I’m sounding like a stalker here, but I always feel like giving a full disclosure at the start of a blog post. Suffice to say . . . I was absolutely delighted to photograph the beautiful wedding of Miss Niamh Kavanagh to Mr Oisín Smith.

On the wedding morning, I popped in to Brackagh, to say hello to Oisín and the boys, on the way to see the ladies. There wasn’t a panicked face in the house. Talk about the Smith boys being cool customers!! Well . . . they were pretty cool until they couldn’t get the alarm on their mum’s car stopped 🙂 It makes for good photos when something like an alarm goes off! I then headed off over the road to the Kavanagh homestead, where the beautification process was well under way. Again, there were no stressed faces in this house. Everyone was joking and laughing and enjoying the preparations. Champagne was popped and frocks were put on. I’m not sure if rescue remedy was being consumed by the bucketload or the presence of little Finn and Isla had everyone very chilled out, but there were happy & calm faces all around in the Kavangh home.

The wedding ceremony and celebration took place in the gorgeous surrounds of Cabra Castle. Family and friends from near and far gathered to see the union of this much loved couple. I could tell that this was going to be a fab wedding, as everyone was smiling from ear to ear and jumping infront of my camera for photos. Sometimes when I lift my camera, people dash into far corners of the room. Not at this wedding! I didn’t have to chase a single person for a photo. Everyone wanted to remember this very special day, and that makes for the best photographs. You can’t beat mad aunties (not calling your aunties mad . . . Niamh and Oisín :)) . . . . who are eager for family photos and throwing shapes on the dance floor.

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful celebration and family and friends played a central role. This family are ridiculously talented. They can sing. They can dance. They play music. They do it all, and how special to have your own immediate family provide the music and song for your wedding day.

Niamh & Oisín are the cutest couple. It’s clear for all to see that they think the world of each other! We also have to address the style at this wedding. Like . . . the style was off the charts! Niamh looked stunning in her elegant gown and Oisín was seriously dapper in his suit. The bridal party also get a special mention for being serious craic! They were cracking jokes all day long, whooping and laughing during the speeches and flossing on the dance floor. Well done bridal party!

This wedding was special on so many levels. It was a celebration of family, both those there on the day and those who who were remembered. Family is what matters . . . memories matter . . . and I think Niamh and Oisín have some very happy memories from their very special day. Come along to you see these beautiful people and their very special families x