Surprise!!!  2015 kicked off with a bang for Nora & Noel.  They got married on New Year’s day in Monaghan town.  Surprise!!  I say surprise, because Nora & Noel had organised their whole wedding without telling their families.  They had to tell a few people and some folks that had to travel  . . . but apart from that, it was a huge surprise!  They left the wedding invitations in the bedrooms of their family members, who got to read them after the returned home from celebrating New Year’s Eve.  Imagine that!!  I think there was serious excitement in the Mc Cabe household at all hours of the wee morning on the 1st January this year.  I have serious admiration for Nora’s will power, and the ability to keep this all to herself.  I am not blessed with such a gift.  If I’m trying to stay off chocolate biscuits and I have a sneaky one, I nearly have to text the other half to declare my failings at having consumed the forbidden fruit.

When I say organise the wedding, this event was more than a wedding.  Much more.  It was a beautiful, thoughtful and emotional event that clearly meant the world to everybody involved.  This wedding was elegant and heaving with nervous excitement.  I could use every flattering adjective out there to describe this wedding and I wouldn’t be exaggerating one little bit.  Let me tell you about Nora’s outfit.  Well!  Really!  I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the styling and detail that went into Nora’s look for her wedding day.  The beautifully cut,  blush coloured midi-length dress . . . the short driving gloves . . . the vintage bag . . the birdcage veil and the cape.  Totally gorgeous!  Nora was elegance personified.  I know Noel was impressed, because I have the photographic evidence of when he saw his bride to be for the first time, and he was smiling broadly.  He was smitten.  Noel cut a fine dashing figure himself on the day also, but what I remember most about Noel on the day . . . is his manner.  His kindness to Nora and his gentle way with words, left nobody in any doubt that he clearly thinks the world of his Nora.  I don’t need to say anymore than I’ve already said, other than to say thank to you Nora & Noel for letting me witness your beautiful wedding.  It’s always a good thing when you go to bed on the first day of the year smiling.  I hope you enjoy the photos x