Pamela & Stefan’s beautiful wedding day took place on one of the hottest days of our summer.  The sun brings out the best in people, especially Irish people.  Everybody has that little extra lift in their step . . . and with the weather on Pamela & Stefan’s day . . . people must have been skipping about the place then so!  It was glorious!  The beautification process and morning preparations in Pamela’s house was as calm as can be.  The bridesmaids provided the background soundtrack of laughter and chatter and Pamela was cool and collected.  Everything was organised to the last letter.  No rushing out the door on this wedding morning!  Even if Pamela had to rush out the door, she could have skipped around the corner to the church.  From her bedroom window, she could see the chapel gates.  No worries about getting stuck in traffic on this wedding morning 🙂

Following the wedding ceremony, we all tipped over to County Fermanagh to celebrate the wedding reception in the gorgeous Manor House Hotel outside Enniskillen.  What a fab venue on such an amazing summer’s day.  We skipped down the fairway green to the lake for some photos and the setting was amazing!  Pamela looked stunning in her gorgeous wedding dress.  Classically glamorous 🙂  Stefan scrubbed up mighty fine too 😉  They obviously think the world of each other and they were so easy to photograph.  I managed to get some of those sneaky glances they threw each other throughout the day which I “think” said; . . “Can you believe it?  We are married!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!”  Those are the very best types of shots . . . the sneaky ones where a couple is rejoicing that their wedding day is here and they are now a Mr & Mrs!!  Incase I didn’t get enough of those types of shots, we go some gorgeous sunset photos of the two of them down at the lake.  I can’t forget the bridal party . . .I had the best time photographing this bridal party.  Those boys from the other side of the Farney county are serious craic!  They say women can talk . . . well . . . you haven’t met these boys!  They were giggling and laughing and chatting all day and night.  They kept Stefan on his toes with some great banter.  They were the best fun!  Not to forget the ladies of the day also . . . they were such a great help to Pamela.  She barley had to look sideways, and a bridesmaid came running, offering some assistance.  Team bride were absolutely nailing on this wedding day 😉

Following our sunset photos, the party really kicked off for the dancing.  This wedding party can dance!  A lot!  They were shapes thrown on that dance floor that wouldn’t look out of place on “Dancing with the stars” 😉  There were hips shaking and ties being swung.  If you ever need a barometer of how good a wedding is going . . . I think it’s how full the dance floor is, and how many people are smiling from ear to ear.  If that is the case . . . then this was one of the best weddings yet!  The dance floor was heaving and everyone was laughing and enjoying their evening.

Enough of my rambling, come on to you see this gorgeous, fun filled, scorching wedding day!  Thanks so much Pamela & Stefan for the absolute privilege of photographing your beautiful wedding day xxx


WOW the best wedding photos i have seen your a wonderful photographer My son  Stefan and his wife Pamela must be very happy with your photos