Therese & Michael’s wedding was a truly beautiful wedding to photograph.  You know when you “know” families from your local area, but in a passing way.  You know them to see, give a wave and say hi to.  You might remember the bride from Glaslough harriers and her brothers played football with your brothers . . . or you meet the mother in law in flemings occasionally (cough . . . Mary 🙂 )  Well there is nothing like photographing a wedding when both the bride and groom are local!  It’s the absolute best!  It’s so amazing to get to see families experience one of the happiest days of their lives, and it’s even more amazing when you get to sit quietly and see it all through the lens of a camera.  Because . . . you see things differently though a camera lens.  I can see how happy Michael and Therese make each other. They way they look at each other when they don’t know anyone else is watching . . . is the stuff of wedding cards.  It’s a total cliche . . . but I tell you, if you want to know what happiness looks like, I can show you about 50 photos of Michael and Therese taken through a telephoto lens, when they aren’t aware of the camera and they are enjoying the moment and each other.  Those photos scream “happy happy happy!

If those photos scream “happy”, the rest of the photos scream “fun”!  Wait until you see . . .

Oh and I nearly forgot . . . the dress!  Wait until you see this beauty! Therese looked absolutely stunning . . . and Michael, you scrubbed up pretty well too 😉

Ok enough rambling from me, scroll on down to see a very “happy” and “fun” Monaghan wedding! x