Adena & Seamus got married on a beautiful April day, earlier this year.  I’ve been working on their photos for a little while at home, and every now and again my little girl would come and sit on my knee as I edit.  She loves to see what I’m doing but mainly so she can beg me to to stop editing so she can watch “Trolls” on the computer instead! ;)”Deena” as she now calls Adena is “boo-ti-ful”, she would tell me again and again.  So there you go Adena, Fiadh Treanor says that you looked “boo-ti-ful”!  Fiadh is absolutely right of course, Adena did look amazing on her wedding day.  Seamus . . . you scrubbed up very well also of course 😉

I’ve said it before, but I love photographing local weddings, and you couldn’t get more local to me than Adena’s house.  No applying of the lipstick in the car that morning!  I’d no time 😉  The Feely house was a buzz of excitement . . . and perfume. . . and highlighter on the morning of the wedding.  And tea of course also.  You can’t forget that Daddy Sean likes his cup of tea.  There is something very special about photographing the wedding of the first girl to get married out of a family home.  There is a palpable sense of nervous excitement in the air.  Nobody is sure of what to do . . . or how longs things take . . . or when to jump in the car.  It’s so exciting!  I love capturing the nervous glances between family members as the time ticks on.  Those make for the best photographs.

Following the wedding ceremony in Carrickroe, the celebrations took place in the gorgeous Cabra Castle.  With very little persuading I managed to get Seamus and Adena into the bluebells around Cabra Castle.  There is about a two week window in the year when you can get photographs in bluebells and Adena and Seamus managed to schedule their wedding perfectly!  I’m sure they had more pressing concerns about their wedding date, other than bluebell season . . . but I reckon it’s as good a reason as any!

Adena & Seamus were a delight to work with and photographing them with their bridal party was a lot of fun.  But lets talk about the dancing!  This family can dance!  Stephen . . . I’m looking at you here!!  The band had barley stuck up a cord when the whole dance floor was filled to capacity.  Wait until you see the photo evidence!  You’ll agree with me when I tell you that  . . . this was a very fun wedding, and I was super duper lucky that I got to photograph it.

Enjoy x