Áine & Ciarán made a new year’s resolution like no other . . . they said . . . “I do” and got married on New Year’s Day.  This Monaghan lass might have found herself a husband in the bright lights of Dublin city, but she took him back to the farney county for their wedding day.  Now, these two families have some major rugby fans in them, so maybe I should be using the terminology of this Leinster and Ulster here 🙂

The morning preparations in the O’Reilly house went just as planned with everyone skipping about with nervous excitement.  There is nothing like having a few small kiddos in the house on the morning of the wedding, as it adds a few extra giggles. Áine’s little niece and nephew were as much a part of the goings on as all the adults, and they were just the cutest!  Ciarán and Áine had everything planned to the nth degree for their special day.  The style was outstanding! Áine was so elegant in her gorgeous A-Line creation and Ciarán looked very dapper in his suit.  I don’t think you can beat a velvet blazer on a groom.  It’s the best!
I do suspect that Áine had “to do lists” and “gantt charts” galore when planning this day.  This lady . . . gets stuff done!!  I could see her management of the day and it was spot on!  I think I need her in my life 🙂  You can manage timescales . . . and organise wedding favours . . . but you cannot plan for the emotions of getting married.  Thats the stuff that just creeps up on you, and is the really really good stuff! 🙂  That’s the stuff that I’m hanging on to capture, and Áine & Ciarán didn’t disappoint.  They clearly think the world of each other and are the cutest couple.  Even in the arctic wind that was blowing up the driveway of Cabra Castle . . . they still were laughing with each other and waving like kids at their guests that drove by.  They look so happy together!  Don’t take my word for it . . . come and see xx