The wedding of Donna & Paul has taken over my hard drive.  In fact . . . I was so snap happy on their wedding day, I have had to invest in a number of new hard drives 🙂  Thus, this is a bumper blog post.  How could I not share all the images that had me jumping up and down with delight both when, after taking the photo, I took a sneaky look on the back of my camera, and whilst editing.  I’ve known Miss Donna Sheridan since my teenage years.  We spent many happy days sitting beside each other in Rang Caoimhe in St. Louis Secondary School.  We were model students (I’m investing in a little sarcasm here).  We never chatted in class . . .  or scribbled in each other’s homework diaries . . . or had a quick scan over last night’s homework before class . . . no no.  Not us!  Actually, we were good girls.  The most mischief we usually got up to, was coming back a little later from town after lunch.  Come to think of it . . . that probably happened most days.  The allure of the trip to “Mathews” and “Mallons” was just too much for us, along with the desire to see all the comings and goings of Monaghan shopping centre.  So, when Miss Donna Sheridan asked me if I would photograph her wedding to a Mr Paul Finlay, I was over the moon.  How lovely to get the opportunity to capture the special moments of their wedding day.  Mr Paul Finlay . . . ever hear of him??  Unless you have never tuned into the national airwaves or have been living in a faraway land without access to the internet, you might never have heard of Paul.  He plays football.  For County Monaghan.  And . . .  he’s a pretty good footballer too!

This wedding day was superb for many reasons, and none more so, than the obvious love that Donna & Paul have for each other.  All day long, they were holding hands and having little sneaky grins over at each other.  It’s obvious for all to see, that they are unbelievably happy together.  Their happiness is infectious.  I was skipping around after them with a humungous grin on my face all day long.  Paul also had a huge grin on his face, and none more so than when he spotted Donna in her wedding dress.  This lady was a stunning bride.  I had no doubt that Donna would look fabulous on her wedding day, but she exceeded all my expectations.  She was absolutely, jaw dropping, gorgeous.  Some people have all the luck . . . and the bone structure . . . and the figure . . .  etc. etc. 🙂

Wedding days are important family occasions.  Donna & Paul included all their family in their celebration whilst never forgetting those which have passed on.  Donna’s Granny & Paul’s Dad; Kieran, were a constant presence on the day.  There were candles, and references in prayers and speeches, and lots of fond memories recounted.  Wait to you see the weather we had on this day . . . it was beautiful.  I don’t think that was any coincidence. Do you? Whilst having never personally met Kieran Finlay,  I have heard many people say kind things about him.  Paul Finlay is a gentleman, with a kind & humble manner.  I’m told, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

Ok, I hope you aren’t crying yet.  This is a very happy blog post.  The happiest of blog posts.  It’s about a love story between Miss Donna Sheridan & Mr Paul Finlay.  Enjoy!

V x


Smiling much??


Absolutely Stunning

Edel Mc Eneany-Leonard

Class photos of a beautiful bride and wedding party.

Pauline Cunnane D'Andrea

Omg. The pictures are wonderful! Haven seen such great photos ever!


These pic are just amazing x

Reminiscing xxxxxx

you looked absolutely amazing donna.. vanessa your photos are fantastic you’ve such a great talent if anyones ever looking a photographer I’ll be highly recommending you.

great photos good memories, fun times, few tears.

Beautiful work Vanessa Treanor what a stunner Donna is. I’m stealing the one with the camera – it made me laugh 🙂

Beautiful Vanessa

Donna your really look amazing, who would of thought that was a cool October day. Well done Vanessa another lovely job.

Class blog! Amazon foto!! Also plenty of tears just lookin at it!!!

Your are FAB at your job !!!

Amazing m’lady 🙂

stunning pics.

Belated wishes Joanne .Hope u had a good one