I’ve been quiet on the blogging front as of late, but I thought I’d share this gorgeous wedding from the end of last year.  Caroline & Peter got married in a beautiful and intimate ceremony just before Christmas.  Weddings are special days and Caroline & Peter’s wedding day was one of the most special yet.  It was obvious that so much effort had been put into arranging this day, with many sentimental & unique details.  Caroline looked stunning in her elegant blush-pink wedding dress with a birdcage veil to accessorise.  I love love love photographing brides with a bird cage veil!  Peter was rocking some seriously sharp style also.  Having said all of that . . . . just wait until you see the style of Josh & Jake!  It’s clear that Caroline & Peter’s two boys are the focus of their world.    These little hipsters were dressed to the absolute nines and played important roles throughout the day.

I’ve said it before, but having your children play a part of your wedding day is such an amazing thing and even more amazing to photograph.  As a mammy myself, it awoken so many emotions in me when I seen the boy’s faces when the main business of the wedding ceremony was taking place.  The little looks that they threw each other when their Mammy & Daddy were exchanging their vows . . . . well I tell you, I was smiling like a crazy cat whilst trying to keep the tears from sneaking out onto the back of my camera.  Their little looks were as if to say; “well . . . , what is going on here???  can you believe this???”  Well believe it they should, because I have the evidence of Caroline & Peter’s wedding day right here.

Photographing Caroline & Peter just after their wedding was such an intimate and relaxed affair.  We strolled around the grounds of the Palace Demesne in Armagh, and even snook into the greenhouse.   Oops!  Blame the photographer, I say!  This day obviously meant so much to both Caroline & Peter and I think that shines brightly through in their photos.  It’s hard to hide when you are happy . . . and when you are this crazy, giddy type of happy . . . well . . . that just makes the for the best type of photos.  The best type of memories.

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Great photos best of luck

love every one of them gorgeous x

Fantastic photos. You all looked great. xxx

What a gorgeous wedding. Just fab❤️

Anne Marie McKenna

Stunning photographs sis, you all look gorgeous xxx