Ciara & Shane got married back in August and it was a truly special day.  Special for all the family.  Family who were there in person and also in spirit too.  I felt the importance of family on this wedding day.  It was special!  The rain made us work a little, but we dodged the raindrops and at all the right times, it was dry and perfect.  Ciara looked drop dead gorgeous in her beaded off the shoulder gown.  She is the first girl to get married in her family and oh my gosh, the excitement that comes with that milestone . . . it was epic!  Ciara’s bridal party and sisters were v v excited!  The type of excitement that has everybody else grinning from ear to ear because that type of happiness is infectious.  Following the beautiful ceremony in Threemilehouse, we were so lucky to get to take some bridal portrait photos in the grounds and buildings of St. Louis Secondary School in Monaghan.  Amazing!  I’m a fellow St. Louis girl and I have often dreamed and wondered how I would manage to get a photo shoot in the arcade corridor.  If you know . . . you know.  The arcade corridor in St. Louis is a long glass covered corridor that is flooded with light.  Perfect for photos, especially when the rain was on.  

Ciara & Shane are the cutest couple.  They clearly think the absolute world of each other.  Not once, did I have to ask them to engage with each other for the sake of the camera, as they were enjoying each other’s company all day long.  They were constantly chatting, holding hands and smiling at each other the entire time.  As a photographer I see things that other people don’t.  I see the little moments.  The important ones.  I seen the sideway smile that Ciara gave Shane when she heard something important in their ceremony . . . I seen how Shane carefully guided Ciara along on the wet ground . . .  I seen how they kissed and shook their heads with wonder, just before they entered their function room for the meal.  I seen how they adore each other . . . and I got those shots on my camera.  Now you can see it too 😉

Enough of my rambling, I’m just so so excited to share this beautiful wedding day with you all.  Also . . . as a sidetone.  This couple can dance!  Like properly dance, two-handed jiving.  Amazing.  Come along and see x


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