A very deep title to this post.  I can explain . . .

When Mr Treanor suggested that we go for a walk in Rossmore park this week, I jumped at the suggestion.  At long last, the evenings are starting to get longer and that means . . . . walks!!!  Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah!  It really is the simple things in life that make Vanessa a happy girl.

So, after a little bit of exploring through Rossmore park, I spotted the following photo opportunity.  Brace yourself . . . . I’m getting all deep and meaningful.  The fallen branches symbolise; winter (i.e. snow, frozen pipes, general winter associated crankiness), and the light symbolises; Summer (i.e. cropped jeans, open toed shoes, tinted moisturiser, the solar power lights in the garden working again, walks through Rossmore, walking on Rossnowlagh beach etc.etc.).  Get it??  There is literally “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Hurraaaaah!!

Next I’ll be eating ice-cream on a weekday.  Oh wait . . . I already do that 🙂