Suzanne & John’s wedding took place in Cootehill earlier this Summer.  Whilst doing my little “creative plan” for their wedding day, I got very nervous.  Why was “I” nervous?? . . . Well, because I knew how perfect Suzanne’s wedding day would be, and I wanted to take photographs that reflected that “perfection”.  From our day’s in St. Louis in Monaghan, I knew that Suzanne would have a fabulous day planned, with everything “just right” . . . and I was right.  Every detail that played a part in this wedding was chosen carefully.  I have been trying to think of a word that sums this day up . . . .  and I’ve found it; “Elegance”.  The dress, knock out shoes, the soft flower bouquets, the decor in the house, the make up, the mass, the readings . . . . did I mention the dress???  This was a beautifully elegant wedding day with family and friends delighted to celebrate with the new Mr & Mrs Warner.

The bridal party were an easy bunch to photograph.  The constant banter of the Warner gentlemen loosened any little nerves that might have been there previously.  And as for Suzanne and John . . . well these two are just made for each other.  No big cliche statements here . . . they are just absolutely gorgeous together.  They made me smile all day long!

. . . oh and as to prove me right . . . Suzanne even managed to get the weather perfect.  After a week of driving wind and rain, we managed to land a beautiful sunny day.  See . . . .  I just KNEW it. . . .  Suzanne would have everything just perfect 🙂  Now, have a little look at some photos from this elegant affair . . .

Enjoy x

A sneaky panadol in the makeup kit!

Pretty ladies!

Poor daddies on wedding days . . . always trying to direct the wedding car driver.

The . . “did I just hear something pop” look!!! 🙂

I spy . . . a Mammy . . .

A little update 🙂

I love this photo of this pretty girl 🙂

How lovely to get to photograph these St. Louis girls in all their finery 🙂

Pretty perfect . . . right? 🙂

Beautiful photos Vanessa!