Barry & Aisling’s wedding was a fun filled family affair with lots of very happy people and even more laughter ringing around the place.  Aisling is a very relaxed lady and she was most definitely not running around like a woman possessed on the day of her wedding (ahem . . . I might have been that woman!!).  She was calm.  Serene.  Relaxed.  I have serious envy for people like this, who plan events, prepare for them and go do it.  No fuss.  No drama.  Just do it.  Aisling spent most of her wedding morning doting over her little niece and making sure that everybody else was on schedule and ready for the day ahead.  I’m sure a lot of this calmness stems from the fact that she was marrying Barry.  Her partner in crime.  Her husband to be.  Aisling and Barry are so comfortable and relaxed together that photographing them is a no fuss affair.  Together they exude a sense of calmness that translates beautifully into photographs.

Now this wedding day wasn’t a boring, incense burning, peace loving, hippie trippie wedding.  Not at all.  This was a wedding that had the very best features of a great Irish wedding;  an abundance of family and friends gathered together to celebrate the day, lot of banter and laughter from the groomsmen (we call it a “bit of slagging” around these parts), everybody suited and booted in the very best attire, Aunties and Uncles dying to get on the dance floor, some suitably chosen photographs to embarrass the groom from the top table, a dance off and lots of laughter ringing from every corner of Corrick House.  In fact I think that this was a great Irish Wedding.  Best of luck in the future Mr & Mrs Mc Carron.  Now, off you go to see what I am talking about . . . enjoy x





The photos are amazing very natural great simplicity the photography is absolutely fab !!!

Beautiful just beautiful,