The wedding of Sean & Brenda happened a little while ago in the beautiful city of Rome.  Brace yourself . . .  this is going to be a mammoth post, but I’m allowed to bombard you with all these Italian delights, as this is a family wedding.  As in, my family  🙂  Sean is my husband’s brother, and Brenda is my new Sister-in-law.  The announcement that their wedding was going to happen in Rome was greeted with much excitement in the Treanor & Nugent households.  Having just visited Rome last year when I was expecting Donnacha, getting to return to the “Eternal City” with my 6 month old little dude, was very exciting.  The preparations for this wedding began in ernest many months ago.  Passports were ordered, hotels booked & outfits purchased.  Before long, the wedding day had arrived and we set off for “La Roma”.  Anybody that has been to Rome before, will tell you how beautiful it is, but it really has to be seen to be believed.  There is something even more special, when you get to experience the beauty of this city with family members.  Each evening you get to share tales of; bus tours, museums visited and food consumed with family and friends.  The wedding ceremony took place in the Irish college in Rome with the following celebrations in a local Restaurant.  Photographing a family wedding adds another dimension to my job as the; wedding photographer.  Rather than just being the; “wedding photographer”, I’m part of the mad mayhem that ensues on wedding days.  I knew how much this wedding meant to all concerned, and how unbelievably happy these two people make each other. I got to boss my husband about and tell him where to stand for bridal party photos . . .  not that I ever tell my dearest husband what to do!! (cough, cough!)  Another benefit to photographing this family wedding, is that we got to take our little man; Donnacha, along.  I could “coo” and “ca” at Donnacha whilst I roamed around with my camera and I caught some “Donnacha cuddles” during the quiet moments.  Brenda was such a gorgeous bride & Sean was quite the dapper groom.  Whilst taking their photograph, I knew some “insider jokes” that was sure to bring a grin to their faces.  This day had so much to offer; laughter, tears, a very brisk walk / run / jog to the church, an Italian videographer who answers his phone in the church whilst shooting the wedding (& continues to video the wedding whilst chatting about away to his pal . . . hilarious!), fabulous weather, about an 8 course dinner and lots and lots of happy faces.

I was unbelievabley excited & a little nervous about photographing Sean & Brenda’s wedding.  The task of getting all my kit (camera kit, baby kit, fashion kit, general mammy stress kit) to Rome, resulted in many “To-do-lists”. I had to pack; camera kit, backup camera kit, all the baby paraphernalia, backup baby paraphernalia, cute dresses and of course some shoes that are suitable to shooting a wedding in, whilst still being somewhat stylish. What photographer wouldn’t love to shoot a wedding in Rome??  It’s something dreams are made of!  I’d love to whisk the bride & groom off around Rome for a photoshoot that would last around 8 hours, where I would fill 96gb of camera cards and photograph every single, beautiful detail that Rome has to offer.  However, that would be a “photographic day” and this was Brenda & Sean’s “wedding day”.  My job was to produce some photographic evidence of just how happy this new Mr & Mrs Treanor are together, whilst also showcasing some of the beautiful details of their wedding day.  I hope I did a good job!
Enjoy x

I own this little dude!

Going to the chapel, and going to get mar aaaaa aaaaaaaa ried!

The “Uh oh” moment; “Oops, forgot about the veil!”  Love it 🙂

Look who is awake!  Also in the picture is the “best sister in the world” aka; my assistant, babysitter and all round bestest friend x

I had to sneak in a pic in of my little family 🙂

The aforementioned videographer.  Had to be seen to be believed 🙂

The Treanor / Nugent Families

Pretty girl 🙂

Ciao Bella x

See . . . I told you . . . lots & lots of happy faces 🙂


Fantastic photos Vanessa, Eveybody looked brilliant and very relaxed.

The photos are lovely Vanessa. You can’t beat the professional to capture the moment! Good memories

The photos are lovely Vanessa. You can’t beat the professional to capture the moment! Good memories

Beautiful photos

beautiful pictures

Impressive my dear! As always superb.

really georgous.. id love to get married again(to ciaran) in rome!

beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures x.

Amazing work – yet again x.

You’re very kind Caroline … but look at what I had to work with. Made my job easy 🙂