Catherine & Gareth tied the knot in the village of Threemilehouse, Co. Monaghan, and what a treat they had in store for everybody.  The planning was meticulous and every detail was seen to (or a brother assigned a job), and sure I wouldn’t expect anything less.  Catherine was so excited to be getting married back at home and welcoming Gareth’s family to Co. Monaghan, that she had everything “just right!”.  On the morning of the wedding the Kierans household held little pockets of complete serenity mixed with moments of wedding jitters & excitement.  Brennan’s bread was on the menu, the kettle was constantly boiling for that essential cup of tea and the odd bottle of Sally Hansen was doing the rounds, helping the tanning situation amongst the female members of the house.  Does this sound like a normal Irish family home on the morning of a wedding?  I thought so!
Catherine’s dress had so many gorgeous details, that I spent about 5 minutes circling it, snapping away.  And one of the best details??  The dress has pockets!!  I kid you not . . Ingenious!  Coupled with her mum’s pearls, a sneaky tissue in the pocket and a huge smile, Catherine set off to marry Mr Hopkins.
The day contained so many visual treats, that I really, REALLY struggled to cut the images down to include on the blog post.  From the images,I hope you get a feeling for the beauty, joy and love that was very evident on Catherine & Gareth’s very special wedding day.  Enjoy!

A cup of tea, and some Brennan’s bread.  Tastes like home 🙂

A really beautiful, honest moment when Catherine’s Dad seen his little girl emerge from her bedroom.

Don’t you love Catherine’s posture & poise?  This could be a still frame from a Jane Austin movie.

Best pageboy . . . ever!!

The “howya!” sign that welcomed Gareth when he first visited Monaghan.  Can you imagine his confusion?  We do have the sensible crowd shot, but I somehow, prefer the “howya” shot 🙂

Part two contains a snapshot of the festivities that were had at the hotel.  I just could NOT limit this wedding to one blog post.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  Now, on you go. . . . off to part 2!