Lorraine & Danny flew from Australia to say their I Do’s with their family and friends. They picked the amazing location of Bellingham Castle as their venue.  There were that many beautiful moments and happy faces to photograph on this day that I think my finger was about to fall after my crazy, high speed snapping all day long. If my camera had a fitbit attached to it . . . it would have reached it’s weekly limit on that one day 🙂  It was AMAZING!

The bridal party got ready in the salubrious surroundings of Bellingham estate.  This house is the perfect backdrop for getting ready for your wedding.  The Finnegan family got ready with the least amount of fuss.  No panicking or running around on this morning.  It was super chilled!  Lorraine looked drop dead gorgeous in her fab chiffon dress and Danny scrubbed up mighty fine too.  They make the most handsome couple!  Like  . . . magazine editorial material 😉  Following the I Do’s, we skipped across the road to the beach for some photos with the Mourne mountains as their backdrop.  Amazing!

Bellingham Castle is where the wedding reception took place, and this venue is one of my absolute favourites. It has so many unique spaces that guests and the wedding party can move between.  It means that I have so much variety to work with, and people can’t see me coming and hide. I can sneak into little areas, get the shot and skip away without anyone aware that I am hovering around.  Thats my favourite way to work.  Undercover 🙂  This bridal party were the best craic!  They were so easy to photograph!  The ladies looked gorgeous and were obviously delighted to help Lorraine on her special day.  Danny’s grooms men are all his brothers and when you get a group of Irish brothers together on a wedding day, it’s something special!  You can’t beat the drole Monaghan undercurrent of poking fun at (slagging) each other whilst all the while smiling sweetly at the camera. I enjoy it so much, and it makes the ladies at the wedding chuckle too.  All of this makes for the best wedding photos!

Here are some of the elements that make this day an absolutely amazing wedding day;

  • a couple that clearly think the absolute world of each other
  • serious style
  • cutest little people
  • fancy flowers . . . shoes . . . all the bits and bobs
  • mad hatter friends ready to storm the dance floor
  • abundance of family that were so excited about this wedding of the year
  • a good dose of Monaghan drole humour

Come and see the highlights from this beautiful wedding day xx

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