Karen & Richard’s wedding took place in the gorgeous Slieve Russell hotel.  The guys spent the morning playing a few rounds of golf, while the girls, had some pampering time.  Karen’s Dad was my trusted side-kick on the golf course, and ferried me around after the guys.  It took us a little while to “find” the golfers (I was the navigator, with the course map!!!), but I think they were glad when we turned up, as they all upped their game, and were keen to have some photos to capture their success.

Karen’ s preparations, were a little more relaxed, and I got to spend lots of time snapping shots of the Blakely family chilling out before the ceremony.  Her dress was beautifully elegant, and who could forget the shoes??  You might have heard me mention “once or twice” my fascination for lovely shoes, and Karen’s shoes did not disappoint.  Karen will understand what I mean, after she has a look through the full range of photos!!  After a genuinely touching ceremony the Palmer & Blakely family took some time to chill out, before we took off for some location shots.  By this time in the day, the gods were trying to test us, with rain, but Karen & Richard were not put off.  “I’m up for it, if you are”, was Karen’s moto.  Yeeeahhhhh!  I love that attitude.  Undeterred, off we headed over the rolling golfing terrain of the Slieve Russel in golf buggies.  I think you will agree, that it was worth the effort.  Thank you so much to Karen, Richard, Jamie, Zack and their families, for letting me play a tiny part in their very special day.  Now, enough of my nattering, off you go, to have a peak.  Enjoy!

Karen’s Dad was my taxi man around the golf course, and I was the navigator (having never seen a golf course card in my life!!).  I learned more about the game of golf and more importantly the etiquette of driving a gold buggy on a golf course.  Good times!

The shoooooooooooes!

Doesn’t this image just make you smile?

Cute or what??

The black cat, bringing good luck 🙂

In the words of Lady Gaga . . . pa pa pa pa pa pa paparazzi!

Possibly one of my favourite shots from the day!

Richard, threatening to send Karen swimming 🙂

Heading off into the sunset . . .


Absolutely stunning photos!!!