This week feels very like the run up to Christmas and sure what would be better on my blog, than the highlights from Roisin & Thomas’ wonderful winter wedding.  Snow was also on the agenda around the time of Roisin & Thomas’ wedding, but luckily the child of Prague statue or some novenas worked their magic, and luckily enough we had a lovely crisp dry day and avoided any melting snow. White alpine snow is fab for pics . . . wet melting Irish snow . . .hmmm,  not the easiest for the bridal party.   Talking about the weather . . . I know, I know . . . like why do we  (“and I mean myself here in the royal sense of the word we”) do it?  Someday I’m going to start a blog post without a weather report . . . but for now . . . Roisin & Thomas got beautiful winter weather for their day out!

The preparations and all the beauty processes took place in the gorgeous Emy Lake house in Emyvale.  I’ve never been to the lake house before, so this was a real treat!  Roisin was an absolute stunner of a bride in her lace dress and the maids complimented the winter white wedding look in elegant white also.  Everyone was cool and collected on the morning of the wedding before tippie toeing up the icy road to St. Dympna’s Church in Tydavnet for the wedding mass.  Weddings days are so important for brides and grooms but it’s also very special for the entire family circle, and this was most definitely the case with this wedding.  Daddy Derry was happy as anything whilst talking his Roisin up the aisle.  He was waving and shaking hands with people on the way up the aisle, all whilst having his beaming daughter clutching his arm.  It was the cutest thing!

Thomas looked a mighty shade of handsome on his wedding day and you can tell from the photos that this new Mr and Mrs think the world of each other.  Wedding ceremony done and dusted, papers signed, a little winter warmer in the Rock Inn and we all headed off to The Four Seasons Hotel in Carlingford.  We stopped for a few snaps in Castleblayney and you should have seen the picnic spread for the bridal party.  A proper fancy dancy picnic.  No packet of hairdo’s or a boiled sweet here . . . na ah!  There were mince pies and hot whiskeys on tap.  There is something about the craic level that jumps up a good few notches when we go to take photos with the bridal party.  I think it’s a mix of relief that the official wedding part has all gone to plan, and nervousness at the speeches and formalities that is to come.  This stage of the day is very often a part that couples stress about . . . but I tell you . . . very often it is the most fun part of the day.  People are full of mischief and a nervous energy that is the best fun to photograph.  Add in a few hot whiskeys to that mix . . . and it’s the absolute BEST!!! 🙂

Another highlight of this day was the wedding cake.  Imagine having one of the very best cake makers there is, as a sister!!  Well, Thomas’ sister; Sarah Bond made the most beautiful wedding cake.  Wait until you see it!  If you google “timeless elegant wedding cake” . . . this cake should pop up 🙂

Roisin and Thomas were a joy to work with.  Nothing was a problem.  I know Thomas from my primary school days and well . . . I know feel like I’ve known Roisin forever too 🙂  They made my job incredibly easy and I think I was still smiling at 2am that night as I was replaying of the fun of their wedding day.  Thank you so much for allowing me & my camera to tag along on your most special of days!

Enough of my rambling, there are photos to be “oohed” and “aahed” at.  Come this way to see the most beautiful winter wedding x