Before having children I used to think that it would be so stressful to have your children with you on your wedding day.  Of course children bring their own delightful kind of stress, but I walked away from this very special day thinking that Karen & Robert had planned this day just perfectly.  How amazing to have your children with you on your wedding day.  To have them witness the union of your love and the reason for their being.  I’d love to do our wedding day over again and have Donnacha and Saorlaith with us, and celebrate them as much as celebrate our own love.  Wedding days can be busy and all kinds of beautiful craziness.  This particular wedding was an intimate relaxed affair, set within the picturesque surroundings of Belle Isle Castle.  This was my first time to is visit this magical place, and I certainly hope that it isn’t my last.

Karen & Robert’s wedding day was centred on family and it was full of fun & laughter.  There were children playing with their toys outside in the sunshine, adults relaxing and chatting in the drawing room whilst sampling some fine beverages and we even had a Granda having a go on the swing.  This day was relaxed.  Beautiful.  All about Karen, Robert and their family.  Photographing this couple was a joy because I could see how delighted they were to be man and wife.  The sun was shining bright on this summer day, but even if it had of been raining hailstones . . . it wouldn’t of mattered.  Karen & Robert were going to enjoy their beautiful wedding day come, hail, rain or shine.   They are so happy together.  Yeah for happy days like this x







Love the one with Karen & Scarlett together its beautiful !!!!

Beautiful photos Karen , stunning x

Oh I want to go there again

Karen Dutchie Uprichard

Our very special day captured by Vanessa photography x