I have been so excited about creating this blog post, that I have edited . . . re-edited and re-re-edited the post, many times.  I want it to be just right.  Why so?  Well, Roisin & Peter are really good friends of mine and I want to make their blog post just perfect.  I was very excited about taking the photographs on this wedding day, but I’m not going to lie to you, I was also super nervous!  Now, I’m always nervous before I photograph a wedding (it’s in my nature to be nervous before an important event. . . ask any fellow Irish dancing ladies), and I think that is a good thing.  The nerves keep me on my toes.  I had little butterflies of excitement on this wedding day, as I was so happy for Roisin & Peter.  Roisin and I lived together throughout our University years, and we coached each other through many “style” revolutions.  Using the word “style” might be stretching things a little!!  Perhaps the term “finding our fashion feet”, might be more accurate 🙂  I share some of my happiest memories with Roisin: first days at Univeristy, playing stop the buss with the fellow Monaghan crew on a lazy (class free of course!!!) day in Belfast . . . fueled by bucket loads of tea, frequenting the botanic inn of a Wednesday night, having our “fitness phase” of going for walks around Belfast and just generally finding our way in the world as grown ups.  This might explain, why I wanted to do the best possible job for Roisin & Peter.

In the end, I need not have worried, as this wedding day was a delight to photograph.  Family has always meant so much to Roisin, and in turn, it’s so obvious that Roisin is thought so highly of, within her family circle.  On the wedding morning, there were Aunties flying all over the house, making sure that everything was just perfect.  Everybody was buzzing with excitement.  Roisin had everything perfectly planned on her wedding day.  I need not have been surprised as throughout our University years, Roisin was always on time with assignments and studying a week advance of an exam.  No running frantically after a bus, on the morning of a due assignment.  Never!  (Me either . . . cough.  cough.)  This attention to detail, was evident on her wedding day.  The gorgeous dress . . . the elegant headpiece and the inclusion of family throughout the wedding celebration.  Roisin was never somebody who enjoyed the limelight, or making a huge fuss.  Roisin is honest, and kind and a really lovely person.  Its for these reasons, that I was so delighted to see her looking so gorgeous on her wedding day with the attention firmly placed on herself and Peter.  (She might kill me for writing that 🙂 )

So what about the groom, Peter?  I haven’t mentioned this lad yet.  Peter is funny.  Flat out, hilarious!  As you will see from the photos, he had everybody in stitches with his speech.  This Belfast boy, has such a great sense of humor, and obviously thinks the world of his new lady wife.  I’m so happy for this new Mr & Mrs and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Now, enough of my yabbering on!
Off you go, have a look  . . .
V x

I love the “little look” Roisin sneaks out here 🙂

Who says the groom has to give all the kisses???

Stunning?  Yup . . . just stunning!