Eilis & Vincent’s wedding day was serious craic!  The day was full of  lovely tender moments, family having lots of fun, funky dancing and lots and lots of laughter.  But overall . . . it was serious craic!  I don’t think I have ever introduced a wedding on the blog before with that description, but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this day 🙂  Considering that Eilis comes from a family with lots of sisters and one brother, the Treanor household was very calm on the morning of the wedding.  Breda was overseeing the beautification process with Pamela and Una on flower arranging duty.  What a lucky family that have such useful talents in their family 🙂  After everyone was suited and booted, it was up past Dundian and over to Carrickroe chapel for the wedding ceremony.  Vincent was ready and waiting for Eilis, and he had the biggest of smiles on his face when he seen his bride to be at the top of the aisle.  Some couples are very nervous on their wedding day and the result is that they are very quiet when they are on the alter.  Not the case for Eilis and Vincent, they were cool as you like.  Chit chatting away with each other and enjoying the whole day.  There are lots of things that make my heart jump when photographing wedding days . . . but seeing a newly married couple smiling like they have won the lotto and chit chatting away when in the chapel . . . it’s one of my favourite things to photograph.  That’s them together . . . the new Mr & Mrs . . . commentating as the day progresses and filling each other in on what happened in their houses on the morning of the wedding.

Following the “I Do’s”, we zipped up the road to the Ballymascanlon House Hotel for the wedding reception and celebrations.  Eilis and Vincent are so comfortable together and photographing them was so much fun.  They kept telling me that they weren’t really photo people, but I beg to differ.  They were great to work with and totally relaxed in each others company.  That makes for the very best wedding photos.  They both looked very stylish in all their wedding finery with the most understated and elegant flowers for that time of year.  Well done Una!

This wedding party know how to dance!!!  From the youngest to the  . . . well . . . more seasoned guests 🙂 . . . the dance floor was packed and bouncing.  Wait to you see!

Here are a few little highlights from Eilis & Vincent’s gorgeous wedding day xx


its cute and sweet, nice to hear it, keep it up.

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