Sinead & Paul’s wedding day was a gorgeous family filled affair with the celebrations starting off in the Orchard county and finishing in the Farney county.  I can always tell when there is much excitement around a wedding by the speed that people are moving about in the house on the morning of a wedding.  People in the Lappin house were moving at full speed with bodies moving between rooms at lightning speed on the morning of the wedding, so as you might guess . . . there was great excitement on this wedding day.  There were dresses appearing . . . flowers passed around . . .children dressed in the blink of an eye and the finishing touches applied without a bit of fuss.  These girls are good!  They had everything planned to the nth degree and everyone was dressed and ready to rock the day away, well before the usual statement from any men in the house . . . “Do you’s know what time it is???” No statements like that needed in this house.  These ladies were ready to hit the road . . . and get this wedding started.

Sinead looked totally gorgeous on her wedding day, and Paul scrubbed up mighty well too 😉  They get on so well together, and were constantly laughing through the whole day.  Maybe it was nervous laughter when I suggested they don’t look at me (like . . . how do you ignore somebody who is standing in front of you with a camera pointing at you??). . . but, nervous or not, I’ll take it!  We got some lovely shots of them hanging out in the gorgeous countryside of Armagh.  Following a quick pit stop in Armagh city, we headed off  to the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan for the celebrations.  I had a fab time photographing this gorgeous wedding and I have a feeling that night time partying was just as exciting as the early part of the day 😉  Here are a few photo highlights from this beautiful wedding day x

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