Corrick House was the location for this “Antique-Boutique” Bridal shoot.  Lynn Mc Kenna, (our local mac-fabulous makeup wizard), had a great idea of pooling together local vendors in Monaghan, and organising a bridal photo shoot.  Andrea & Ustina were our very gorgeous models for the day, and the contributing vendors were as follows;

Makeup:  Lynn Mc Kenna

Dresses: Lady’s Day, Monaghan town

Hair: Chic Hairdressers Monaghan town

Location: Corick House

Photography: me . . .Photography by Vanessa

I don’t think many of the ladies involved in the shoot, managed to get much sleep the night before the shoot, as we were all way too excited.  I was dreaming like a crazy woman about possible setups . . . bouncing light off ceilings . . . . and trying out different angles, until the very early hours.  That’s the problem with me . . . I can’t turn it off any creative thoughts, once I get going.  My brain goes into overdrive, and sleeping is the last thing on my mind. Anyhow, enough of my nattering on, I hope you enjoy the images . . .

A huge thanks to everybody involved for their hard work, patience & general good humour on the day.  Needless to say when we got back to the room after our shoot, we were all TOATLLY exhausted.  We were munching ginger nut biscuits all round (wink wink 🙂 )!

I had a VERRRRRRRY hard time choosing the images for this blog post.  Honestly, it could have been twice as long.  There were so many shots that I could have included, but I think the above selection showcase the best features of the; location, dresses, make-up, hair and of course photography.

Looking forward to future collaborations with these ladies!

So many ideas already.  Can’t . . . . switch . . . . the brain off . . . . . . . 🙂


Really great set. You have a great eye for composition.