Eimear & Niall’s wedding was a day that was hotly anticipated by both sets of families, and I have lots of photographic evidence that an amazing day was had by everybody at this wedding.  Really!  I could have titled this blog post; “the smiliest (is that a word) wedding I might ever have photographed!”.  Eimear and Niall travelled home from Australia for their wedding, and after their pre-wedding shoot . . . I was in no doubt that the wedding was going to be really special.  Eimear’s family are very close and their home was a hotbed of emotions on the morning of the wedding.  The excitement was frizzing through the air and Eimear’s Daddy; Eamonn, just didn’t know where to turn.  At least us ladies, can preoccupy ourselves with fake tan dilemmas, hair spraying and general self pruning nonsense, but the poor men . . . they just don’t know what to be at.  Eamon clearly thinks the absolute world of his daughter and I was holding my breath as I photographed him embracing Eimear in her wedding dress for the first time.  He was so proud!  In fact I think there were quite a few ladies in that house doing the “fan the face . . . no tears here” manoeuvre when they seen Eimear all ready to head off to marry her, Mr right.  Niall Mc Kenna.

Niall and Eimear are a couple that make you feel immediately comfortable in their company and were a total delight to photograph.  They were so blissfully happy on their wedding day.  Seriously!  I could have created a blog post twice this length with photographs of them enjoying each others company.  They have a serious awwwwwhhhh factor.  Best of luck in the future Mr & Mrs Mc Kenna and I hope that this blog post is enjoyed on this side of the world and over in Australia also.

This wedding day was a; crazy happy, emotional, beautiful, ripping event (inside joke).  Ask Naill 😉

Oh . . . amended edit.  The shoes & the style.  I can’t believe I managed to write a whole blog post and forgot to mention how drop dead gorgeous Eimear looked, how amazing her shoes were and the serious fashion that was on show by the guests at this wedding!!  Ahhhh!  As I was editing these photographs I was on the hunt for a dress for my brothers wedding, and I had to stop myself from emailing the ladies who were at this wedding asking them for fashion help.  I also think I have about 20 edited photographs of Eimear’s shoes.  I think all girls should have these shoes in their life.  Peachy Jimmy Choo shoes would improve the quality of all of our lives 😉  Sigh!  Anyhow . . . I felt the need to add that in.  Signing off now, crazy – shoe – obsessive – window shopper 🙂

Enjoy x







And the following photos can be created to Murphy’s videos.  They have little tricks that they like the bridal party to do . . . and I’m always on hand to capture the reaction shots 🙂






Amazing photos Photography by Vanessa It was a great day.

WOW these photos are so much fun. Well done Vanessa .